I’ve done a bit of work with business cards recently and it got me thinking about just how important they are to a business of any size.  That little card works really hard to represent you and your business when you aren’t there – are yours doing their job?

  • We can create a memorable and lasting impression with a beautiful business card. How does your card represent you and your brand?
  • A great business card can be passed along – a great marketing tool!  How will you make yours memorable?
  • Why would someone keep your card?  Is it more than just your contact details?  Think a discount card, appointment card, a small artwork, an inspiring quote.
  • Print finish matters – choose the perfect stock and finish to represent your brand.  A creative business card has retention value, and can be a great icebreaker.
  • Special print finishes like foiling, embossing and die cutting can really enhance a card, but can add extra cost.  Choose carefully!
Beauty industry business card in manicured hand, black
Acrylic Fix business card, 2 sided with multiple logos, spot UV
Ultra thick business cards for graphic designer, with blue and yellow backs

I recently used MOO.com for my cards as I love their “printfinity” feature – you can have up to 50 different card backs.  Think of the possibilities!  Great for artists and photographers, but also a great way to deliver some different messaging.  I came up with 4 variations for my basic contact details (different backgrounds), and also created a simple “thank you” card for gifting purposes.  I have used both the standard and luxe cards, the quality is just beautiful, the packaging gorgeous and it’s the kind of mail you just can’t wait to open!

If you’d like to order some beautiful MOO cards like these – enjoy 20% off your first order! (affiliate link)


Some things to think about before you start your business card project…


  • Who is my card for?  (clients, trade show)
  • How many will I need?
  • Is my logo print ready?
  • What size of card do I want? (standard, square)
  • Portrait or landscape card?
  • Single or double sided?
  • Apart from my contact details, what other messaging do I need?
  • Do I have a business tag line or mission statement to include?
  • Do I want to include my social media accounts?
  • What other imagery do I want on my card? (ie. photographs, illustrations, icons)
  • What kind of stock do I want?  (ie. ultra thick, smooth, glossy, uncoated, metallic)
  • Do I want any special finishes? (ie. foil, embossing, round cornering)
  • Do I want some variations? (ie. blank, thank you, appointment or loyalty)
  • What is my deadline?
Personal Trainer business cards with concession card on reverse, red
Construction industry business cards with photograph on reverse, corporate
Beauty industry business card with featured skincare products


I’ve been pinning some business card inspiration – follow my Pinterest board as I’m always adding to this.

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