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MATES in Construction has been established in Australia for several years, and launched in NZ in 2019.  The MATES programme builds and strengthens communities in the workplace and across the construction industry, providing on-site suicide awareness and prevention training.

I was tasked with creating NZ specific brand collateral to introduce the organisation to NZ stakeholders, followed by creating resource material used in on-site training.  A new website for NZ was also built and launched in March 2020, using Divi for WordPress allowing quick and easy in house blog and content updates.

Nature's Identity skincare business card
Nature's Identity Labels

Lesley has worked with me across three different organisations now and each with very differing causes and stakeholder groups. After each briefing, Lesley miraculously works her magic, and always seems to nail it first time. What I have enjoyed about working with Lesley his her calmness and compassionate empathy for the causes I have represented. She understands the communication styles we need and interprets this across her deign and creative work. Lesley is also a very clear communicator herself, which helps when working at speed across multiple projects. She takes the time to really listen to the brief and also the timeframes we need to deliver in.

Victoria McArthur

CEO, MATES in Construction NZ

Nature's Identity skincare business card

Onsite photograph courtesy of MATES in Construction NZ.

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