Wolfe Interior Design branding project

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Wolfe Interior Design is a Mangawhai based interior design studio specialising in delivering bespoke designs for residential and commercial projects.  Previously known as Munro + Co, founder and lead designer Kim Munro was taking her business in a new direction – along with a new name – requiring a new look, logo and branding.

The name “Wolfe” was inspired by renowned 1920’s interior designer Elsie de Wolfe.   With a high-end target market, the brief was to develop a brand that conveyed, luxury, quality and experience.


Kim and Bridge were looking for deeply saturated hue, with a blue undertone.  They had some Dulux paint chips that they loved, so mood boards were established around those.  To offset the deep tones, a metallic accent was introduced.    The resulting colour palette is luxurious, featuring a deep navy and warm bronze.


mood board with bronze and blue accents and aesthetic


After exploring a range of possible icons, a typographic styled logo was settled upon for it’s simplicity and clarity.  An elegant, classic wordmark was developed along with a submark in a range of colourways for flexibility across print, social and product use.

Wolfe Interior Design logo in bronze colour on white background
Wolfe Interior Design logo and submarks in bronze on a dark navy blue background


Following development of the logo, branded postcards featuring some of Wolfe’s stunning project photography were created to launch their new name and brand to their client base.

Social media post templates were created in Canva, for easy use by Kim and Bridget.  The logo files were supplied to Wolfe’s web developer and sign writer.  The logo also features on Wolfe’s hand-bound portfolio and Kim has plans to create badges for the bespoke furniture they commission.

Wolfe Interior Design business cards
Wolfe Interior Design promotional postcards

It has been a pleasure working with Kim and Bridget at Wolfe, and see their new brand come to life!  To see the Wolfe portfolio visit www.wolfe.nz.

Need to turn your logo into a brand?  Or want to refresh what you’ve already got?  I’d love to help.

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