10 reasons to bring a freelancer into your team

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Covid-19 has been a challenging time.  With some businesses facing changes to the way they work, and the staff they have, it’s time to consider the impact a freelancer can have. 

Here are a few of my thoughts on how creative freelancers (like myself) bring short or long term benefits to your business.


We can meet the ebbs and flows in your business.  Supporting existing staff on an as-needed basis means you can be reactive without the expense of an additional staff member.  Great for infrequent tasks or chunks of work that might overload your team.

The right person, for the right job

Too often, staff are asked to expand their skill set to fill gaps, especially when it comes to marketing.  The receptionist is creating flyers, marketing are spending hours on presentations, social media is done on the fly.  A freelancer can cut the time spent on in-house marketing docs, keep them consistent and on-brand, letting staff get back to doing what they do best.


Sometimes a set of fresh eyes can make all the difference.  We can provide options for a refreshed look, or work to established brand standards.


We are used to working with a range of businesses across different industries.  Our experience comes from the variety of work done over time.  We bring that experience to every project we work on.


We are running our own business too!  So naturally we bring an eagerness to work efficiently and effectively to get you results.  Ongoing work is so rewarding (we feel like part of your team).  And referrals to your network brings additional experience.


We don’t get distracted by office goings-on.  We are on-task from beginning to end.


Need something yesterday?  Usually we have the flexibility to whip something up in record time – we are experienced and flexible. 


Agency taking too long to get the smaller jobs through?  Or costs too high?  Using a freelancer for some of your work can spread marketing costs more efficiently, and is more economical than hiring  or re-training staff.

Size doesn’t matter

Small jobs are still important to your business – might be small tweaks to an existing set of collateral, a single template, or some business card updates.  For bigger projects we can find a solution for your budget and timeframe.

One of the team

We love to feel part of the team.  We will take time to understand your business, get to know you and fit in with your culture.  You can trust us to work professionally, to a high standard with good processes to keep things on time and budget.

In conclusion, whether you have short or long term needs, freelancers can have a big impact on your business.  And – hire local!  Make the most of the wide range of Kiwi freelancers who live and work in the same timezone, and support NZ business.

Thinking about using a freelancer in your business?

 I currently work with a range of businesses as an extension of their team.  Get in touch to see how I can help you get back to doing what you do best.

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